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Wedding video is an essential expense you need to make

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5 reasons why you need a professional videographer for your wedding

The wedding day is one of the most special days for a couple and the families involved. It’s the day when two loved ones promise to spend the rest of their lives with each other and start a new chapter of their lives. Planning and getting everything right begins almost a year before preparing for the special day.

In recent times, getting married has been becoming expensive day by day. Many couples are now opting to host a small wedding so they don’t have to start their new journey with a huge debt. People try cutting unnecessary expenses for their special days, such as having expensive drinks, luxury food, long-guest lists, etc. Some couples believe hiring a wedding photographer is enough than hiring a videographer.

Wedding videographers may cost a bit, but they tend to capture the most valuable moments from your special day, from capturing your vows to the moment of your first kiss. In this blog, check out the 5 reasons you need to hire a professional videographer for your wedding.

  • You will be able to relive your special day anytime, anywhere
  • Your videographer captures the moments you missed
  • Wedding videos capture sound and emotions that still pictures don’t
  • You can share your wedding videos easily
  • The wedding video will create a family heirloom

You will be able to relive your special day anytime, anywhere.

If you ask any bride or groom about their wedding day at the end of the day, there is a high chance they may have a similar answer, “it all went past so fast, it’s hard to remember most of it.” Wedding day is quite hectic for the couple that is getting married for many factors, such as everyone’s running high on emotions, both being nervous, and the exhaustion of the entire day.

Wedding videographers help capture the moments you want to rewatch for you to relive from your wedding day. Even if you can still have pictures taken, what is the point when you don’t know the storyline before your best friend takes that picture? Videographers have advanced by using high-end equipment and filming skills to make your wedding video more than just a group of people with cheesy smiles waving into the camera.

There are many benefits of having a professional videographer capture your wedding. Imagine when you are celebrating your 25th marriage anniversary, you have your family around, and you play your wedding video. It is an amazing way to relive your special day.

Your videographer captures the moments you missed

Whether you have your wedding on a smaller or bigger scale, you will probably miss out on a few moments that your videographer is going to be able to capture. Of course, you will be able to remember special moments that happen to you or near you, but you may not be able to witness the moments your guests experience.

Some little, yet valuable moments like your mother-in-law’s shedding tears when you exchange vows, your father raising a toast, and your grandma dancing, are the ones you may want to see when celebrating your wedding anniversary or just trying to watch your wedding video again. Videographers, in recent times, have started to create wedding videos in the form of a short films, with cinematic elements to make your wedding video stand out from the previous generations.

Wedding videos capture sound and movement that pictures don’t

No matter how beautiful and artistic pictures can be, one of the main reasons videos are a must-have is because pictures cannot capture motion or sound. Still, images provide pictures that are limited to time. With wedding videography, you can capture moments like your father’s toast, your best friend’s speech, and your first kiss as newlyweds.

Still, images may be able to capture some beautiful pictures, but some moments require more than just an image. You may want to hear the music you and your partner dance to as newlyweds or what was the joke that your friend cracked during the speech. You can also get an aerial view of your wedding venue if your videographer offers drone services.

You can share your wedding videos easily.

Ever since the pandemic struck, traveling has been difficult for many families due to high ticket fares, fewer flights, and other covid-19 restrictions in each country, which has caused many relatives in other countries to miss out on special events like weddings. You can ask your videographer to upload your wedding video on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

Videographers also offer to create short clips of your wedding video so you can post them on your social media platforms and stories. Hiring a videographer is ideal if you are organizing your wedding at a smaller scale or planning a destination wedding, so your loved ones unable to attend can feel like they were a part of it.

The wedding video will create a family heirloom.

Similar to your wedding outfit, jewelry, and photos, a wedding video will also be one of the invaluable heirlooms that will be passed on to your children, and the future generation that may not even think of yet, will get to see you on your best day, and also get to know you. Whether you are planning to have children or if you already have them, the wedding video will be a priceless treasure for them to keep and watch in the years to come.

Imagine you sitting on the couch with your grandchildren on Christmas, telling them about your life experiences, and then showing them your special day – the day of your wedding. You can narrate the story behind every scene as you will be able to recall with the help of the other small moments the videographer had managed to capture.

The final verdict

Although wedding videographers may cost a couple of hundred dollars more than a photographer, the value your videographer will add to your life will be unmatched. JD Video Plus is your place if you are looking for a wedding video Massachusetts.

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