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Our Services

In addition to video services production for weddings, memorial tributes, and special events, JD VideoPlus provides a variety of small and large scale professional video services.

  • Slideshows

    Creating a slideshow has never been easier. We are well versed in the formation, the sequences, and the after-effects to bring life to those images and videos. We create slideshows that you can show to your spouse, family, friends, or group of people at an event, highlighting all of what you have accomplished and would like the world to know about. Create magic slideshows with us. Our recent slideshow of wedding video Massachusetts went viral among many couples and families alike.

  • Funeral Video Services

    Funeral video Services are a lifetime memory for your loved ones. You can create something more than just a video. You make a memory that lasts forever, leaves an impact, and sends a message that resonates with the family members, friends, and peers. We encourage you to create a funeral video that would leave a loving impression on you and the people of the coming generations.

  • Special Events

    Whenever there are special events, you know that these moments are worthwhile. Create a unique recording for your loved ones, whether it's a birthday party, their first baseball match, or a performance in front of an audience. We bring amazement and life back to you, Something worth looking back at. Your events are unique to us, and we will go an extra length to find those shots that make a difference.

  • Engagement Party

    There are many reasons to hold your engagement party with a bang. What more could top it off than those moments captured in our lenses? Bring joy, laughter, and happiness with you till the end of time with our videography. Whether by day or at night, we are ever ready to capture those unforgettable moments with the utmost expertise and professionalism. There are countless aspects of your engagement party, and we are here to catch them all.

  • Wedding Videography

    A beautiful memory can be made with the best photographer in town. The same love and happiness you experience on your wedding day is now captured in our lenses. These moments become your most treasured memories. Produce a lifetime's worth of videos, backstage footage, interviews, etc. So whether its a traditional wedding anniversary or a contemporary one, we got you covered

  • A Memorial Video Tribute

    For a brief passage of time, memorial tributes are saddening. Bring healing and calm to the grieving family with a complete, lifelike, personal video for the memorial house. We can create something just for that. Make your memorial video different, long-lasting, and inspiring for the people to stay connected and remember those memories.

  • Other Life Events

    Certain events create a solid and emotional attachment toward the family and friends. Many significant events take place, and we witness some of the most potent events happening in the real lives of our clients. Don't miss out on yours! We can create a strong sense of resemblance with our videography, even if it's been watched for many years. Get your personal and better videographer right away.
    Services are provided but are not limited to
    ● Senior & Family Portraits
    ● Personalized Wedding video
    ● Birthday Parties
    ● Dance Recitals
    ● Concerts
    ● Graduations
    ● Family Reunions
    ● Sporting Events
    ● Scouting Demos
    ● Baptisms