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Creating Your Love Story and Memories

  • Pre-wedding interviews and more…

    JD Videoplus is committed to creating your love story and memories by meeting with you at a place of your choice by asking you a few simple questions. Those questions will turn into a video production, using dating photos, video clips with beautiful background music to relive through generations to come.
    1.How did you meet?
    2.When did you know you were in love?
    3.How do you feel right now moments before your wedding? Nervous? Anxious?
    4.What would you like to say to your Bride/Groom on your wedding day? Provide directly to the camera a personal message to your bride/groom.
    5.What are your plans after the wedding? What’s next?
    6.What did you first think before dating?
    7.Tell me three things that you love about each other.
    8.What are some memorable experiences you’ve had as a couple?

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