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Creating a memorial video tribute for your loved ones?

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5 Tips for Creating A Memorial Video Tribute

Are you planning to join your family for a family reunion after a long span? Surprise them with a memorial video tribute to your favorite memories that you cherish the most. Tribute videos are not limited only to funerals. Tribute videos can also be used when celebrating a special event with the people who mean a lot to you.

With technological advancements, equipment, and software, creating a unique, creative, and high-end memorial video tribute has never been easier. There are many ways you can get creative in creating a tribute video. If you are creating a memorial video tribute for someone special, check out the Top 5 tips to perfect your tribute video.


  • Keep the video short
  • Involve your family members
  • Make it personal
  • Include the major events
  • Add music to connect

Keep the video short

Suppose you are planning to show a tribute video to a large audience. In that case, it is important to ensure the interest in watching your tribute video is not lost because a large audience is unlikely to remember or recall the events, which would also cause them to enjoy it more. Simply put, a longer video doesn’t always mean a higher-quality video.

Ideally, 20-40 pictures per video make the perfect tribute video, covering important aspects of your special one’s life. You don’t have to worry if you have fewer pictures, as you can play them for longer. Try adding small captions for the pictures to make the tribute engaging for the audience. Remember that grabbing the audience’s attention is one thing, but making them continue is another.

Don’t be afraid to add a little humor to your tribute videos by putting some pictures that would make the audience laugh. Pictures such as Halloween costumes, the first day of school, or maybe from the first year. As long as the pictures are appropriate to show family members and guests, there’s no harm in getting them to chuckle.

Involve your family members

Having the family of your loved one involved in the process of making a tribute video is a plus. It adds value as well as makes the video more special. Even if the video does not turn out quite well, your special one will be grateful for your efforts in the thought process. The involvement of family members provides great content for the tribute video as each family member will tell their favorite memories that other members may not have shared with the rest of the family members.

One of the side benefits of involving family members is that it connects the family around the memories with the one you are creating the tribute video for. Don’t forget to lose focus on your loved one, though. It is okay to add other people to the tribute video but try to keep the focus of a memorial video tribute solely for the person it is meant to be for.

Make it personal

Including elements of personal touch in a tribute video is highly important. You want your loved ones to feel that you created this tribute video for them and them only. Try adding pictures of moments or their dream place they always wanted to visit. Highlight their favorite hobby or go-to activities. Remember, you are not restricted to photos of your loved ones. Instead, you can add pictures from the surroundings of their everyday life. Take it as a way of storytelling that defines the type of person your loved one is.

Other than pictures, you can also highlight the character of your loved one by presenting the type of quotes, books, and art they are fond of. Showcase how kind, humble, and people-loving they are. Adding these elements will also indicate how strong the bond between you and your loved one is and how well you know and understand the person.

Include the major events

Sharing the journey of your loved one is one of the most important elements in creating a memorial video tribute, if not the most. Highlighting the moments from major events in their lives, such as achievements, graduation, wedding, kids, organizations they have been part of, etc., are some of the few factors you can include.

If you plan to add these elements, make sure you put the timeline in chronological order so your family members, loved ones, and the audience doesn’t get confused. Imagine showing an image from kindergarten after showing images from the honeymoon. Doesn’t it seem confusing?

The perks of highlighting the major events also indicate how far they have come, whether in terms of success or other aspects of growth. These major or special events help the family of your loved one cherishes and relive the memories from those days. You can put in some short clips as well.

Add music to connect

Music plays a major role in creating a perfect tribute video. The music you use for the tribute video has to be in sync with the slideshow and relatable to the pictures. It is a plus if you add the favorite music of your loved one. If you have the favorite playlist of your special one, use a few snippets of those songs throughout the video.

The element of music also adds a personal touch to the tribute video. It helps give a movement with an uplifting feeling for the audience to be engaged in your special memorial video tribute. Music is also a good guide for the duration of a video.

Time to execute

Whether you plan to create a memorial video tribute for a loved one’s funeral or a special day, you must try these tips to perfect it. If you need a professional to create a tribute video for your loved one, check out JD Video Plus. You provide the best video coverage services, capturing and presenting your favorite memories to relive.


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